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Friday, December 02, 2005

Tips for Writing While Your Children are at Home.

As a parent, writing from the home office can sometimes be difficult, especially during your children's summer vacation from school. The need to supervise and care for your children often conflicts with your job...writing.

Depending upon the ages and number of children present, summer vacation can effectively cut in half the time available for writing. And, the time you are left with becomes a precious commodity that demands stricter focus and work habits.

Here are some tips for working from the home office while children are present. Be sure to leave a comment with your ideas and suggestions.
  • Sometimes, children just want attention. Sometimes, children really need your attention. Discuss situations with them and come to an agreement about the things that do and do not warrant interrupting your work time.
  • Buy your child a stop-watch and set the timer. Unless it is an emergency, your child has to wait until the timer goes off to enter your office.
  • Post a work schedule outside the office door with visiting hours listed. Then, make snacks before work and invite your children to bring the snacks into the office during those visiting hours to eat with you and spend some time talking.
  • Enroll your children into summer activity programs.
  • Plan special parent/child activities as a reward for the child not interrupting your work hours.
  • Coordinate with other parents in the neighborhood to trade off days where all the children play at one house or the other for a few hours, giving the other parents time to run errands, clean house or work child-free.

What are your tips or suggestions? Leave a comment.


2 comment(s):

I do not have children, but I have a mother and for that doing university from home can become a hassle, if only to computer was in my room instead of the family room then I would just close the door with 'office hours'

By Blogger Benjamin Solah, at 6:07 AM  


If Mom still wants her son's attention, the reward for leaving you alone idea might still work! ;-)

By Blogger klynn, at 12:00 PM  

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