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Sunday, May 22, 2005

What 'Point of View' to write?

Point of view, or POV, is the position from which a story is told. Below are the three types of POV you will encounter most often.
First-Person POV:

The narrator is one of the characters in the novel and explains the events through his or her own eyes, using the pronouns I and me.

Third-Person Omniscient POV:

The narrator is not a character in the novel. Instead, the narrator looks through the eyes of all the characters and is "all-knowing." Pronouns used are he, she, and they.

Third-Person Limited POV:

The narrator tells the story through the eyes of only one character, using the pronouns he, she, and they.
The advice generally found is for a newbie writer to stick with the Third-Person POV in the beginning, since it is the easiest point of view to master.


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