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Monday, March 28, 2005

Simmering and Swooping: Creative steps before writing.

by Andrea O'Connor

Every serious writer has experienced periods when the creative flow abruptly halts. No ideas come forth or, at least, none that seem worth expressing and confidence plunges. An initial reluctance to sit down at the desk or word processor and write quickly develops into something akin to aversion. The wall between writer and words grows higher and thicker. It seems as if there is no hope for salvaging the situation. The run of words has ended.

The usual advice to writers caught in this downward spiral is to write through the block, and this works, usually. The discipline of putting pen to paper-or fingers to keyboard-somehow puts a crack in the wall, which eventually tumbles down as the writer moves more and more confidently into the writing. All is well; the crisis has passed.

However, writers experience other sensations related to their work. One such sensation is "simmering"; the other is "swooping." They are both essential steps in preparing for the creative task of writing. See if these are familiar to you.


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Bong Rip, A CD or Two, and a nap always seems to do it for me.

--Jon Langdon
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