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Sunday, March 27, 2005

How to encourage your kids to write.

by Dave Marks

When I was teaching senior writing in a public high school, I wanted my students to do well so much that I marked everything I could find that needed improvement in every one of their papers. I even did this in red ink. Then I talked to each student and explained all the things they needed to learn for the next paper. When I think of those years I have to cringe with shame. What an awful thing I did to all those kids! It's surprising that any of them continued to do the papers I assigned.

This article asks you to look at how you're evaluating your children's writing and ask yourself the question, "What am I doing to my kids?"


Dave Marks is the author of the popular, award-winning homeschool writing program, Writing Strands. His interest in writing results both from an extensive education in the teaching of literature and writing and a long teaching career. He taught at the junior high, high school, and college levels for 30 years.

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