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Friday, January 14, 2005

Yahoo! Groups : Creative Perspectives

So, I rolled out our newsletter recently and named it - Creative Perspectives. Wow! I thought it would take forever. With my freelance work and family obligations, I don't know how I found the time!

Okay, okay...I do know how I did it. The key word here is "Time Management."

I'll have to admit that time management is one of my biggest challenges. The only thing I ever seem able to accomplish in a timely manner is my freelance work (mostly copywriting), and that's probably because I'm getting paid. Hey, when you work from your home office and depend on that money to pay the bills, managing time wisely is not an issue.

However, other projects tend to suffer. Working on a novel, sharing knowledge, and writing short stories for the quick creative release are all easily relegated to second class citizens in the world of time management. Besides, we writers can be HUGE procrastinators. Yes, I said it, and I'm not taking it back! (Don't flame me :)

To help address the issue of time management, I've purchased a Day Planner. Setting blocks of time aside each day for different pursuits has helped me greatly. I leave it flexible, though. There are times when I just can't face one thing or another and the creative frog is croaking at me to do something else. I definitely do not try to micro-manage myself, but a general outline of each day helps me accomplish more.

If you are the creative type and time management is a challenge for you, too, give my outline method a try. Feel free to comment and share any helpful tips you have!



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