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Friday, October 15, 2004

Random Question

When I created my Blog account, the random question or prompt was, "Tell the story about why the bald frog had a wig." The following was my answer. Unfortunately, it was too long. So, I'm posting it here...

Thomas was a lonely frog. Oh, he had lots of friends, but he never felt comfortable around them. Why? Because, instead of a lush mane of fuzz atop his head, he was completely bald.

His friends were nice enough not to mention it, but Thomas caught their pitying looks on occassion. He had become so self-conscious about this slight in his appearance that every time a friend invited him out to the lilly pad, he made an excuse to decline.

One foggy evening, Thomas was hopping home when he missed the edge of a log and fell into the murky depths of a stagnant puddle. He pulled himself out, cursing his clumsiness and all around bad luck.

Once he got home, he headed straight for the bathroom to survey the mess he was in and clean up. He looked into the mirror and gasped! His head was covered with mud and stray bits of mulched debris. But, if one ignored the smell of the rotting concoction on his head, it looked wonderful (in an odd sort of way). So, this is what he would look like with a lush patch of fuzz like his friends had.

An idea formed in Thomas's mind, and a smile stretched across his froggy face. Yes! Now he would be able to visit the lilly pad with his friends and not feel self-conscious!

That's why the bald frog had a wig.

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