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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Creative Commons Copyrights

Those of you who visit my website,, have access to numerous original fiction and fan fiction stories posted on the internet. As a resource for those of you who write as well, visit Creative Commons to establish a copyright for your work.

Creative Commons is a nonprofit that offers a flexible copyright for creative work. You can specify under what conditions others can use your work. This is very helpful for those who want exposure for their work but want to retain some specific rights to it.

For example: If you write a short story that you post to your website, you can obtain a Creative Commons copyright for free that specifies the following...I can repost your work on my website as long as I give you credit as the author, make no profit from it's use, and create no derivative works from it.

This way, you get extra exposure for your work but retain all pertinent rights to it.

Creative Commons provides this service for free. Once you establish the type of copyright you desire for your work, they give you the .html code to insert in your web page that displays what rights are available to the reader.

Types of media you can copyright through them are: Text, Audio, Video, Images, and Educational Materials.

What a great service! gives them a resounding "Ribbit" of approval!

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